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Former Iowa farmer, Gary Cornelious, proudly points to his photo on the cover of a Black History book about the State of Iowa.
Not everyone can point to a photo on the cover of a landmark history book and say, “That’s me!” But, that’s exactly what Lakeview Nursing & Rehabilitation resident and former farmer, Gary Cornelious, can do with a Black History book entitled, “Outside In: African-American History in Iowa 1838-2000”.

Edited by Bill Salag, Susan Koch-Bridgford, and Hal Chase, it contains 20 chapters with 580 pages and many photos. Originally published in 2001 by the State Historical Society of Iowa, it retails for $50.

Former United States Senator from Iowa, Tom Harkin, wrote on its back cover: “Outside In” fills a void in the written record of Iowa’s past by providing a comprehensive history of African-Americans in Iowa. Its chapters cover the underground railroad, law, social organizations, politics, sports, entertainment and beyond. “Outside In” brings the story of Iowa’s struggle for equal rights and the creation of an inclusive culture to life in a way that allows any reader to understand and relate. Its diversity of authorship and subject make “Outside In” a unique and valuable addition to any collection of histories on Iowa.” Cornelious is quick to point out that Chapter 7 features his agricultural contributions. It notes that since the 1980s, Cornelious was involved with various forms of agricultural production in the state as one of 33 black agricultural producers still farming at that time in Iowa. Across his 50-acre operation in Boone County he had livestock, grew soybeans and corn, then later diversified into organic food products sold to individual wholesalers and grocery stores throughout Iowa. He was recognized as a competitive farmer winning many local and state contests for quality produce and livestock. Additionally, he received two political appointments allowing him the opportunity to help fight for equity with federal farm programs.

Cornelious’s work with the black farmers’ movement eventually led to his being named one of 20 minority farmers invited to the White House under President Clinton in December 1997 to discuss farming-related topics including discrimination.

“I’ll always remember how easy President Clinton was to talk to and how friendly he was,” Cornelious recalls. “He made us all feel right at home with him.”

Definitely a precious memory for a one-time, hard-working, and innovative farmer, who gladly shares his life story with all he meets today.


By Lynne Kornecki

Maria Superlano, Director of Environmental Services and Lakeview Administrator, Michael Elkes, pose with the 2017 Illinois Health Care Association Environmental Services Award that Maria was awarded for outstanding contributions to the facility and its residents.
This year's National Nursing Home week, May 14-20, ended with the Illinois Healthcare Association's (IHCA) presentation of awards at individual facilities throughout the state recognizing outstanding employees and their accomplishments across several different categories in delivering exceptional service within long-term care and programming.

On Thursday, May 14, David A. Voepel, IHCA Executive Director, stopped by Lakeview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 735 W. Diversey Parkway, to personally present Maria Superlano, 35, Director of Environmental Services with the 2017 Environmental Services Professional of the Year award where she competed alongside environmental professionals serving in nursing homes across the State of Illinois.

The IHCA, based in Springfield, Illinois is a non-profit organization comprised of more than 500 licensed and certified long-term care facilities and programs throughout the state. The IHCA seeks to promote the highest standard of services in facilities and programs for the elderly along with those who have physical and mental challenges. Their mission is to be a leader in advocacy and education for their membership.

The award presentation was organized as a surprise party for Superlano who had no idea that she was the 2017 recipient. Lakeview Administrator, Michael Elkes, and other staff had quietly organized the celebration in the main conference room with balloons and a sheet cake. When the overhead page requested all managers in the building report to the conference room, Superlano had no idea what was in store for her.

"It's a joy to work with people who keep wanting to get better at what they do, and to make sure the facility meets all the necessary regulations," Elkes said. "Some people might find that intimidating, but Maria finds it stimulating and embraces every opportunity to grow as a professional. In the time she has been in this role, she has become a "go-to" person for us, and we are delighted she has earned this recognition."

And Superlano's reaction?

Surprised and speechless, she jumped up from her chair and graciously accepted the award presented to her by both Voepel and Elkes, along with Infinity Healthcare Management, COO, Carrie DiPaolo, from the consultancy company working with Lakeview.

After the cake had been cut and distributed, Superlano shook her head in disbelief saying to everyone, "I just can't believe this - I've never won anything before in my entire life - I'm completely shocked."

Later, reflecting on her job, she said, "I really like the challenge of learning so much about the regulations involved in running a building. The environment of care is so important to how families and residents feel each day. Keeping their surroundings safe, secure, attractive, and clean is extremely rewarding to me - I love when everything runs smoothly."

Superlano started working at Lakeview Nursing & Rehabilitation about three years ago as a part-time receptionist slowly working her way up into other positions throughout the building until landing the director spot of environmental services. She holds a Bachelor's degree in business management and resides in the Lakeview area.


During a recent corporate awards presentation at the Hillside headquarters of Infinity Healthcare Management of Illinois, Lakeview Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, 735 W. Diversey in Chicago, received two recognition awards for outstanding achievements in 2016.

Lakeview Rehabilitation & Nursing staff proudly accept an Infinity Healthcare Management certificate for their 2016 achievements. Pictured from Left to Right are: Vivian Adelagun RN, Infinity Consultant; Marlene Molina RN, Director of Nursing at Lakeview Rehab & Nursing; Dino Varnavas, Infinity Consultant and a prior Administrator at Lakeview; Carrie Dipaolo, Infinity Chief Operating Officer; and Ambreen Qureshi, an Infinity regional director.
1) A Five-Star Quality rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
2) Overtime Management - for exceptional internal cost control

1) -- Five-Star Quality Rating

CMS created the Five-Star Quality Rating System to provide consumers, their families, and caregivers with an easier method for comparing nursing homes and care delivery.

The Nursing Home Compare Web site at ( features a rating system for quality care that ranks each nursing home between 1 and 5 stars. Nursing homes with 5 stars are considered significantly above average in quality compared to a 1 star nursing home which would be considered below average. There is one overall 5-star rating for each nursing home, and a separate rating for each of the following three sources of information:
  • Health Inspections
  • Staffing
  • Quality Measures (QMs) - The QMs offer information about how well nursing homes care for their residents' physical and clinical needs.

For more details on the CMS rating system, please refer to the U.S. government website listed above.

2) -- Overtime Management Award

The corporate internal Overtime Management award recognizes facilities for meeting quality care needs within the building while also upholding corporate fiduciary responsibility.

Infinity Healthcare Management is a health care consultancy organization specializing in long-term care, focusing on advising and assisting the facilities they work with in Illinois, such as Lakeview Nursing & Rehabilitation, in maintaining exemplary relationships and high standard of care among employees, patients, and residents.


FOX-News recently interviewed residents at LAKEVIEW who are long-time CUBS fans. Not only did they share their reflections about the team, but also their still youthful enthusiasm. GO CUBS GO!